Galaxy S10 is built with defense-grade Samsung Knox, as well as a secure storage backed by hardware, which houses your private keys for blockchain-enabled mobile services


Samsung now priming their phones with Blockchain tutorials. The wallet integration on the Galaxy S10 has been confirmed even after they denied it. Trying to keep Apple on their toes?

The phrase “crypto wallet” has not been used during the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Fold at the electronics giant’s high-profile presentation in San Francisco on February 20.

Instead, the company pushed the product as a private crypto key storage and an all-in-one blockchain platform called Knox, confusing some users on the core applications of the feature.

The official Samsung Galaxy S10 blockchain tutorial on the device shared by Heslin Kim, a cryptocurrency analyst based in South Korea, shows a native cryptocurrency wallet as a part of Knox called Samsung Blockchain Wallet.
The Samsung Blockchain Wallet features Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets with a simple, minimalistic, and sleek user interface that is ideal for casual and new users.

Galaxy S10 devices in the U.S. and other parts of the world are said to feature the new Snapdragon 855, which employs a technology called Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) that seperates the core operating system from a trusted storage where sensitive data is held.

If hackers are successful in breaking into a device through unsecure connections, the hackers cannot gain access to keys held in PUF or TEE, making Samsung’s crypto wallet inherently secure.